Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ready for Autumn?

Well, I don't know about you but I am excited that school is stsarting up again. True, there will be some things I miss about it but I would like to get back into a routine. You know how at the beginning of each season you get so excited and say, "I just can't wait! Summer is my favorite time of year!" and it is... for a while. Then, you see a picture of snow, or a video of someone jumping into a big pile of leaves and you think " I wish summer would just hurry up and get over with!". Well, there is our human nature showing through. We just aren't satified with the gifts God has given us at the time. We will always want something different, something new, something that we think will be better. Anyhow, maybe we need to take the time to enjoy the 'present', the aforesaid gift, that God has given us. We must learn to discover the beauty of creation in all seasons; even if we are hot and sweaty, or chilled and muddy. God has done so much for us! Cherish it!


Toots said...

So nice to have you join us on blogworld! Such good thoughts on your first post. Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't become a blogger, when I have a moment I enjoy reading others blogs. Your thoughts indicate and reberate your inmost heart for God. Thank You McKenzie for those beautiful thoughts. So glad you are a part of our "church family"

Anonymous said...

sorry, my spell checker wasn't working. The word should be reverberate not, reberate.

PS If I was an experienced blog commentator, I could probably figure out how to go back and correct!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great! I think I get what the picture is of. :)

Juwah said...

Good thoughts and so true. Being content in "whatsoever state we are in" is an important and difficult lesson to learn.