Friday, October 30, 2009

Starting Over

I've come to realize that when I started this blog over a year ago, I didn't have much of a plan for it, or much motivation. But I think I now have a plan as well as a little more motivation. So to get this off the ground, I suppose I'll start by telling any unfortunate passerby a little about myself. :-P

My name is MacKenzie, and I am a home-educated, Christian young lady. I have a wonderful family, great friends, and a Mighty Savior, all of whom I love dearly.

I still like to run around outside, dressed like a character from whatever book I happen to be reading (or writing) at the time, and fending off the “bad guys” with a trusty wooden sword. I’ve tried many times to make my brother, “fight” with me, but for some reason, he just isn’t interested. So, alas, I am often forced to complete my quests alone, or with a few even younger siblings taking his place ... and that may be the reason that few of them ever get accomplished. :-)

I also really enjoy “living” these adventures out on paper. Reading and writing stories are two ways I can do this. I’m trying to start making myself read a larger variety of things; I've been leaning more towards the "fantasy" genre lately, and I want to "expand my horizons". Does anyone have any suggestions?

As for writing, that is an interest which has just recently begun to take off. I've written short stories in the past, and even started a few novels, but have never really known what to do "next". So, this year, as part of my English curriculum, I am taking a creative writing course, "One Year Adventure Novel" as it is called. The author of this course, Daniel Schwabauer, teaches story. Not grammer or anythinhg like that, but what it is that makes a story a story. According to him, the five elements of any good story are: Someone to Care About (Main character/Hero), Something to Want (the Story Goal), Something to Dread, Something to Suffer, and Something to Learn. By the time I have completed the course, I (and anyone else who is taking it) will have written a complete, 12-chapter adventure novel! I'm pretty excited about that.

As for this blog, I will probably be posting quite a few short scenes and stories aside from "other things", (Not positive what those "things" will be just yet.) I'd really appreciate any comments, feedback, or critiques that anyone has to offer. Sometimes, you just have to be contradicted in order to learn!

Anyhow, the above is just a brief sampling of some of my interests. For a far more "extensive" list, check out my profile. ;-)

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